Fourier Scratching

This is the official website (is if there were an unofficial one) of the Fourier Scratching project. The project aims to create a set of programs (that interact with each other) to enable us (and everybody else) to perform what we call Fourier Scratching. Here is an explanation, what that is: FourierScratchingConcept?. Here you will find a technical overview: TechnicalOverview.

Here is a video by Frithjof Vollmer demonstrating Fourier Scratching: ‚Äč


We are working on and off on the project. The next todos are:

  • Make the 3D visualization look nice on Linux and Mac
  • Expose functions from Loops (the 3D visualization program) via our OSC-protocol that will allow to control everything from outside: creation of loops, adding of scalars, angle of loops, etc. (see OscProtocol)
  • Create binaries for easy installation


We will hopefully provide binaries for (at least) Mac OS X here soon.

Running from source

See TechnicalOverview.


If you have any comments, suggestions, improvements or rants, you can write an email to: shahn (at) .

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